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Automotive Core Tools

Automotive Core Tools

For Internal Auditors

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Who should attend this training?

All internal auditors for ISO/TS 16949:2009 especially if your organization is tier one to Ford, GM, or Chrysler. This is in addition to the ISO/TS16949:2009 Internal Auditor training. This two day course gives the auditor insight into the audit technique, methods and planning to audit such items as; PPAP documentation, MSA studies, SPC whether for process control, PPAP or problem solving, and the audit technique for APQP and Process and/or Design FMEA.

This training covers these Automotive Core Tools from the perspective of the auditor. This class does not teach how to submit a PPAP, or APQP project, MSA study, FMEA analysis or SPC program. Here you learn to audit these tools effectively and bring improvement opportunity to your organization.

Course Content:

This training session is built around the APQP 5 Phase process and brings each of the core tools in at the appropriate phase. The content requirements of each tool are reviewed, the proper documentation of these tools include specifically what is correct and what is incorrect as to the documentation and record requirements for each of the tools.

Multiple exercises are incorporated into the training to allow the attendees to practice the audit technique for each tool as the class progresses through the five phase process.

Many Automotive OEMs also require training in “The Process Approach to Auditing” this is addressed in this training.

Finally this course ends in a proctored test that the organization retains. As required by some automotive OEMs this meets the requirement of “Trained and Evaluated in Automotive Core Tools for Internal Auditors”.

In summary training covers the audit criteria for:

APQP, PPAP, FMEA, SPC, MSA, Process Approach to Auditing, Testing Evaluation for the course content, specific audit related exercises.

Course Material “Table of Contents”;

Section I – Introduction

Section II – Fundamentals of Product Quality Planning

Section III – APQP Chapter One

  • Plan and Define Program

Section IV – APQP Chapter Two

  • Product Design and Development

Section V – APQP Chapter Three

  • Process Design and Development

Section VI – APQP Chapter Four

  • Product and Process Validation

Section VII – APQP Chapter Five

  • Feedback, Assessment and Corrective Action

Section VIII – Process Auditing

Appendix –

Manuals and/or Standards Covered:

AIAG Manuals for; APQP, MSA, SPC, PPAP, MSA, Customer Specific Requirements for Automotive Core Tools from Chrysler, Ford and GM. (AIAG Manuals are not provided for this class.) MBC, Inc. can provide a copy of any or all AIAG Manuals to interested attendees on request for an appropriate fee.

Materials Provided;

  • MBC, Inc. Training Manual
  • Exercise Material
  • Testing Material
  • Training Certificate upon completion of the class

Management Overview Availability;

This material may also be adjusted as a ½ day Management Overview.

A Management Overview provides insightful information to top and mid-level managers.


MBC, Inc. Contact information:

For Additional Information contact:

Bill Martin

Phone – 931.637.1446

E-mail – BMartin@MBCIncorp.com