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Cost Sharing

Training Cost – Sharing “Significant Reduction in Cost”

          Imagine you and your entire supply chain having a consistent understanding of the implementation process of quality tools such as; MSA, PPAP, FMEA, and APQP, or any other topic where you have a vested interest in assuring commonality of application and understanding. When you and your suppliers join together to bring training on-sight, where each attending company pays a portion of the on-sight cost, your training costs reduce proportionately.

Simplicity of Implementation

How can you coordinate such an endeavor?

Martin Business Consulting, Inc. can assist in the coordination of your joint training activity.

For full details contact:

Jonathan Taylor

Phone – 865.806.4220

E-mail – JRTaylor73@gmail.com


Bill Martin

Phone – 931.637.1446

E-mail – BMartin@MBCIncorp.com

Contact us about your intent

  1. MBC, Inc., can then help with the coordination of schedule, dates, definition of requirements etc. MBC, Inc. can even manage the cost sharing logistics.
  2. MBC, Inc., can, with your approval, invoice each attending company for their portion of the training expense. This relieves you and your company from any concern about collection, cost sharing, division of cost, etc. We at MBC, Inc., will work with you. The cost can be shared based on the number of attendees from each company including your company. Or, you may choose to have the supplier base pay the entire amount. MBC, Inc., can also invoice in a manner to support this approach.

Who should attend?

This question is unique to each organization. Some guidelines to consider include:

  • From which suppliers do you need consistent methods, training, and approach to quality that matches your organization?
  • With whom do you need a:
  1. consistent approach to Measurement System Analysis (MSA
  2. or consistency of PPAP
  3. or Process FMEA,
  • these are areas that prosper when the supply chain has an approach consistent with the customer organization.
  • One of the most important areas to consider for this joint training would be the “Internal Auditor Training”
  1. whether you are registered to ISO9001, ISO/TS16949, ISO14001 or some other standard
  2. a unified approach between you and your suppliers can alleviate many problems with communication, process and product. You will all be speaking the same language from a Quality Management System approach.

How much should each attending company pay?

There are additional questions to consider when answering this question:

  • Do I want the suppliers to cover all the cost?
  • Do I want my organization to pay a portion?
  • Do I want my organization to make a profit from this training activity?

Question 1:

You may choose to have MBC, Inc., invoice the suppliers directly for a predetermined amount of the total. This can be adjusted to have the suppliers cover all the cost. The only obligation your organization would have is to provide a training area, digital projector, etc.

Question 2:

You may choose to have each supplier and your organization share the cost equally based on the number of attendees from each company. In this case MBC, Inc., can invoice in a manner that would satisfy this approach.

Question 3:

In this case MBC, Inc., would invoice your company directly for the cost of the on-sight seminar. You would in turn invoice each attending company at a rate equal to a publicly available seminar. With sufficient attendance your company would actually realize a profit from this approach.