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Process & Design FMEA

 Failure Mode Effects Analysis

For Additional Information contact:

Jonathan Taylor

E-mail – JRTaylor73@gmail.com

Phone – 865.806.4220

Who should attend this training?

1. Resources responsible for the completion of Design or Process FMEA.

2. Persons involved in the completion or use of Design or Process FMEA.

3. Persons involved in process improvement activities.

4. Managers that have oversight responsibility for Design or Process FMEA.

Course Content:

The design of this one day seminar focuses on the Quality Professional, Quality or Business Manager, Quality Technician, or others involved in the FMEA process. The course reviews the intent, requirements, and content of Process and Design FMEA and the methods, techniques and skills needed to complete the FMEA process.

The participants will learn from lecture, discussion, and participation. The course and materials give the student; skill, insight and confidence in correct and efficient methods for completion of the FMEA process and the completion of the required documentation.

Material covers; the requirements and methods of addressing the FMEA process, the need for a team approach to the FMEA process. Documentation of the entire FMEA process, benefits gained by the organization by the use of Design and Process FMEAs.

Course Material “Table of Contents”:

Section I – Introduction

Section II – Design FMEA

• Benefits

• Requirements

• Overview

Section III – Process FMEA

• Benefits

• Requirements

• Overview

Section IV – FMEA Approach & Methods

• Team Approach

• Process Flow Chart

• Characteristic Matrix

Appendix –


Manuals and/or Standards covered;

AIAG FMEA Manual Fourth Edition


Materials Provided:

1. AIAG FMEA Manual

2. MBC, Inc. Training Manual that includes copies of all slides presented to the class as well as descriptive notes of the presented material.

3. Signed Certificate of Training to document the training activity.


Management Overview Availability:

This material may also be adjusted as a ½ day Management Overview.

This provides insightful information to top and mid-level managers.

Enhancing Managers Understanding of the:

1) Resource needs, (people, information, time)

2) Timing, (when is the best time to implement FMEA)

3) Use, and (how does FMEA become “Value-Added”)

4) Benefits, (what is the “Return-on-Investment”)