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Safety & Support

Safety Support & Guidance


With the ever increasing demands of today’s global economy and the requirements and regulations the state and federal government puts on businesses of all sorts, do you need help?

Are your businesses facilities OSHA Compliant?
Are you compliant to your state’s health and safety requirements?
How do you know you are in compliance?

Martin Business Consulting, Inc., has the resources to offer an onsite inspection and audit of your facility that covers your state and federal health and safety requirements. Martin Business Consulting’s, Inc., consultants can do an audit of your current policies, emergency evacuation, and equipment shutdown. Review of your Safety inspection records for, all types of industrial trucks, equipment, Safety training and other environmental and physical health and safety records.

Let the consultant’s of Martin Business Consulting, Inc., audit your facility for compliance and provide you with a report, with photos if allowed by your policy, and recommendations for changes that will bring you into compliance with the very complex regulation’s of health and safety.

The evaluation by Martin Business Consulting, Inc., can be as encompassing or as focused on a specific area or requirement as you desire. As with all audit activities, audits are a sampling of your facilities, records, personnel, etc. While audits may not capture every possible issue or scenario, audits are generally an effective method for managers to obtain a greater amount of data or information about their businesses and the general condition of regulatory compliance.

Let Martin Business Consulting, Inc., Help!!

For Additional information Contact

Jonathan Taylor

Phone – 865.806.4220

E-mail – jrtaylor73@gmail.com