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Comprehensive Process FMEA: Failure Mode Effects Analysis – Workshop

Comprehensive Process FMEA

Failure Mode Effects Analysis – Workshop

Who should attend this training?

  1. Persons responsible for process improvement
  2. Persons involved in problem solving
  3. Persons responsible for Process FMEA implementation and use
  4. Managers with over-sight responsibility for Process FMEA

The design of this two day on-sight workshop focuses on the Quality Professional, Quality or Business Manager, Quality Technician, or others involved in the activity of developing, improving or managing manufacturing processes.

This workshop demonstrates the use of:

1) Process Flow Charting,

2) Process FMEA and,

3) Process Control Plan application.
These three activities completed in the correct order and in a comprehensive manner allow the organization to fully perform vital risk analysis of the manufacturing process. With the completion of comprehensive risk analysis the organization can best make value added decisions about the proper application of limited resources to process control, quality control, operator training, management support, understanding, etc.

Course Content;

This workshop performed on-sight utilizes your personnel working on and assessing your manufacturing process.

  1. Day one;

 The participants learn, then actually complete a “process flow chart” for a segment of your manufacturing process

  1. Day two:                                   

The members will utilize the process flow chart from day one and complete a comprehensive Process FMEA.

The students utilize the data from day one and day two in order to complete an efficient, effective Process Control Plan.

These three tools presented in the proper order give the organization the understanding, training, confidence, and ability to efficiently approach the complex task of process and/or quality control. The organization’s resources will come away with the ability to complete this vital work in an efficient, effective and comprehensive manner.

Course Material “Table of Contents”;

Section I     –  Introduction

Section II   –   Process Flow

Section III –  Process FMEA

Section IV  – Process Control Plan & Planning

Appendix –

Manuals and/or Standards Covered;

AIAG FMEA Manual Fourth Edition

Materials Provided;

  1. AIAG FMEA Manual
  2. MBC, Inc. Training Manual that includes copies of all slides presented to the class as well as descriptive notes of the presented material.
  3. Signed Certificate of Training to document the training activity.

Management Overview Availability;

This material may also be adjusted as a ½ day Management Overview.

A Management Overview  provides insightful information to top and mid-level managers.

Enhancing Managers Understanding of the;

1) Resource needs, (people, information, time)

2) Timing, (when is the best time to implement Comprehensive FMEA

3) Use,  (how does Process FMEA become “Value-Added”)

4) Benefits, (what is the “Return-on-Investment”)

MBC, Inc. Contact information;

For Additional Information contact:

Bill Martin

Phone – 931.637.1446

E-mail – BMartin@MBCIncorp.com