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Layered Process Audit

Who Should Attend This Training?

This ½-day course is suitable for all personnel involved in the development, approval, or implementation of Layered Process Audits.

This training course covers the information in the AIAG Manual CQI-8 Layered Process Audit Guidelines, 2nd Edition. All attendees receive Excel based software for tracking and reporting of the Layered Process Audit program. The software also prints the needed forms and reports.

Course Content:

This course will help the attendees to utilize Layered Process Audit (LPA) as a tool to help their organization to perform at a higher level.

LPAs are verification that the most important standards and controls are in place. LPAs provide constant attention to the core processes at various levels of management including Top Management. Layered Process Audits have the ability to develop and improve a culture of accountability, consistent process control, and continuous improvement.

If you’re new to LPAs, you can create LPAs that influence vital aspects of your manufacturing or service process such as safety, quality, and delivery.

Important factors for Layered Process Audits are addressed in the current version of the AIAG Manual for LPA including:

  • Top management support
  • Communication of the value to employees
  • Impactful audits

Course Material:

1. Introduction
1.1. Layered Process Audit Definition and Purpose

2. Value of the LPA as a Management Tool
2.1. How LPAs Benefit the Organization.

3. Top Planning Management
3.1. Who is the Owner of Layered Process Audit?
3.2. Planning
3.3. Scope
3.4. Customer Specific Issues
3.5. Prioritization
3.6. Audit Layers
3.7. Auditing and Reporting
3.8. Measuring the Effectiveness of LPA
3.9. LPA Procedure
3.10. Stakeholders and Buy-in

4. Deployment and Implementation
4.1. Implementation Workshop
4.2. Targeting Key Metrics for Improvement
4.3. Development of LPA Checksheet
4.4. Training Auditors
4.5. Communication of LPA Rollout

5. Conducting or Completing the Audit
5.1. Conducting Audits and Recording Results
5.2. Observations and Interactions

6. Top Management Reviews and CI of LPAs
6.1. Top Management Review
6.2. Continuous Improvement

7. Appendix and Glossary Review

Materials Provided:

  • MBC, Inc. Student Manual
  • Testing Material
  • AIAG CQI-8 Layered Process Audit Guidelines (Current Edition)
  • Training Certificate upon completion of this class

For Additional Information contact:

Bill Martin
Phone – 931.637.1446
E-mail – BMartin@MBCIncorp.com